About the book

witcher keys book coverFour secret keys, six enchanted swords, one priceless treasure, one magical cure. Inspired by real events, ‘The Witcher Keys’ is a chilling tale following two teenagers as they take on evil goblins and dark elves to save a young life.


Victoria Featherstone is still mourning the mysterious death of her mother when tragedy strikes again and a failed kidnap attempt leaves her baby sister Elspeth in a coma. But these are no ordinary intruders, and a hideous calling card reveals their despicable nature…

What have they done to her sister? What is the meaning of the strange dagger they left behind? And why did they take one of her mother’s old keys? Mark Walker, her childhood friend, seems to be the only person brave enough to help her unravel the mystery.

In a desperate bid to save Elspeth’s life, the two teenagers are drawn into an epic struggle between the forces of the unseen world. There they meet allies and foes, coming face to face with light and dark elves, spriggans and hobgoblins, and an evil terror that stalks the North York Moors. Their friendship and courage will be tested, and they must learn how to fight – and fast!

For out in the murky, hidden corners of those moors, a dark host is gathering, and they will stop at nothing until the Witcher hoard is in their grasp.

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