Photos from book signings

eagle and child bigger

Ian outside the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford

Book signing 13/7/2013 in York. Whsmith, Monks Cross

1 thought on “Photos from book signings

  1. Hi there, we had a small discussion in WHSmiths in Richmond today about your book and I had full intention of coming back to continue it but I got caught up with something else. I’m not as much interested in the book itself, not saying that it won’t be a good read, I’m just more interested in the back story and this other world you’ve managed to make yourself a part of. Please email me so we can discuss further. I have so many questions. In case you can’t fully recall who I am, I was the blonde male youth who gave you hope towards believing that not all of my generation are mindless.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards.

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