About the Author

Author at Ralph's Cross - Photo taken by Paul Slater

Author at Ralph’s Cross – Photo taken by Paul Slater

About The Author:-

Ian Johnson is a qualified civil engineer who has lived in Australia and New Zealand. Back in the UK he rebuilt a historic fire-damaged hotel in the Cotswolds before running it for two years. He is a keen inventor, has three daughters, and lives near Malton, not far from the wild North York Moors.

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi would like to buy a signed copy of yr book. Am in pickering so could pick up. Met you at the Rosedale show.

    • Hi Lesley

      Please could you follow the facebook link on the Site and send a message with your email address. I can then forward it on to Ian for him to contact you.

      I can’t see a way to respond back to you privately to avoid you putting your email address on here.

      Many thanks

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